CRPS/RSD Treatments & Therapies

Last week I talked about my symptoms cause by CRPS/RSD. This week I’m going to talk about some treatments/therapies. 

If you’ve researched CRPS then you know that there is no cure. While a cure may come some day, that doesn’t help us now. 

Heating pads

A huge relief I have found is that when I’m in a flare or my legs are cold, I’ll wrap them in heating pads. I have enough heating pads to completely cover both my legs. 


Last week I mentioned my DRG implant. It is a Dorsal Root Ganglion nerve stimulator. It is almost the same as a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS). Before getting this implant, you go through a trial period (~5 days) and see if it helps with the pain. If it helps then congratulations! If not then it’s time to possible try homeopathic remedies. I’ll list some of mine down below! 

Essential Oils

Another homeopathic remedy I’ve found is essential oils! There are so many oils that can help with nerve pain and neuropathy. If you would like to see what oils can help CRPS let me know in the comments section and I might make a post later on with those! 


I’ve also heard that taking a high dose vitamin C everyday can help prevent spreading, especially when you’re having a surgery. After my CRPS spread I started taking Vitamin C and haven’t noticed a spread. 


Another treatment option I’ve heard of are ketamine infusions. As with many “treatment” options for CRPS it is a hit or miss. 

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